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    flickr service not recongnized in a share online

    Sunday, June 8th, 2008

    If you can’t see Flickr as an option when you try to connect to the Flickr service, your device wasn’t shipped with Flickr settings ready to go. Sorry about that!

    It’s not hard to fix this. Download a special config file for your device.

    download this file


    install the above file in your phone

    now open share online you will see a new option

    which will be flickr

    configure it and install



    Pics taken through N73 ME using macro

    Thursday, June 5th, 2008

    The below pics are taken through my N73 ME

    using macro

    you can enable macro in N73 by

    Clicking on the BOLD A in the camera menu and select the CLOSE-UP scene and done

    start using macro it will give u more priority to the close up item increasing the image quality



    Sony ericsson launched G900i

    Sunday, June 1st, 2008

    G900i is the 2nd 5 MP phone released by sony ericsson

    It is featuring a touch screen with 256K colours

    240 * 320 big screen display + Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

    having Symbian OS, UIQ

    and Business card scanner

    Looks wise it looks cool isn’t it ?



    N82 vs K850I 15 differences

    Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

    1. Looks – N82 has definitely improved with the black version..It does look equivalent to the K850i in this department if not beats it….
    2. Cam results – better than the K850i….U can check some of the reviews on the net for confirmation if u don’t trust me…
    3. Price – www.univercell.in – N82-19615/-, K850i – 19135/- So a price difference of Rs. 480 only…

    Now the extras that u will get by spending these Rs. 480/-
    1. Wifi – K850i does not have wifi…
    2. N82 – 16 M colors, K850i – 256k … So clarity of N82 is better.
    3. Display size – N 82 – 2.4”, K850i – 2.2” – Higher screen is better for internet surfing.
    4. Phonebook – N82 – u can store unlimited entries…K850i – 1000 x20 fields
    5.Call records – N82 – 30 days..K850i – 30 entries… So N82 is better as u have call records of 1 month…
    6. OS – N82 is symbian so more applications are available…
    7. GPS Navigation – N82 has it..K850i doesn’t. Now don’t tell me that whenever GPS is launched in ur city u will not use it… + show off
    8. Weight – N82 – 114g, K850i – 118 g (This is minor issue and can be negated)
    9. 3.5 mm audio jack – N82 has – so you can plugin any headphones…
    10. TV Output – N82 can be connected 2 ur TV 2 view ur photos and videos or 4 that matter whatever comes on ur N82 screen… K850i lacks this feature…
    11. Office document Viewer – N82 has it…U can read ur excel, word, pdf docs in N82 after loading it…K850i – This feature is missing….
    13. N82 cam has carl Zeiss optics with a xenon flash and autofocus….K850i does not have Carl Zeiss optics in its cam…
    14. N82 – equipped with ARM 11 332 MHz processor…Although symbian the N82 is really really fast…
    15. Internal memory – N82 – 100 MB..K850i – 40 MB ( So N82 is better)

    This post is by uppalpankaj he posted this post in some forum i don’t remember but i wanted to bring this to knowledge of every person that N82 is much better than K850I in all respects in budget of 20K



    N82 black my dream phone

    Friday, May 23rd, 2008

    This phone is really ausumn and this is going to be my next phone. I can’t control my feelings about this phone so i am blogging about this phone in my blog. This phone is looking more sexier in its black dress

    Current price tag is 19500 rs

    Chief Features

    • 5 mp camera – Auto Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Self Timer
    • Audio Formats – AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / MP3 / MP4 / M4A / WMA / AMR / XMF / WB-AMR / NB-AMR / Real Audio
    • Operating System Symbian / S60 Symbian OS 9.2
    • GPS
    • Surround sound

    These are the features that got me intrested in this phone

    The price is just right for a phone having that many features

    Link to N82