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  • Steps for Easy Coding

    I have seen many people think that in coding many things are useless like the date thing in php they think i am not going to put any sort of date thing in my website so why should i learn it. But this thinking is wrong you never know when it can help you so you have to be ready for these circumstances and have to learn every thing by heart.

    To learn web designing easily you have to read these steps

    Web designing is something like you can use anything with the other like

    <b> Welcome to easytutorial.info </b>

    <i><b>Welcome to easytutorial.info </b></i>

    <b><i>Welcome to easytutorial.info </i></b>

    Ok lemme clear this point (php)
    $variable = 10;

    $variable = $_REQUEST[‘user’];

    hmm so in tutorials you are always tought this point that $variable = 10; so this doesn’t means that you can’t use $variable = $_REQUEST[‘user’]; Cause tutorials are there because they are building block of matters and teaches every thing easily but in your mind you have to think exploration of things you must always have trial and error sort of thinking in your mind

    And also you must not do this

    Learning all the languages at the same time you must learn all in steps

    Here is my table how i have learnt scripting







    Asp [ Still to learn ]

    Ajax [ Still to learn ]

    You can learn other also but this is my table from simple to advance

    Web designing through adobe products

    One of the major fact is that i have never learnt css but know how to code it easily with the help of Dreamweaver . Dreamweaver is the must tools for xhtml/css coder and also for other scripting languages

    Never waste time in learning colors codes like #FFFFF


    If you have adobe photoshop then you never need to learn color codes because

    Select the color and check the highlighted portion copy the code in it and put it like


    In your code

    Hope this tutorial has some of the basic point’s you must follow for a good website and easiness to learn the coding thingy i will keep on updating this post for users till then