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  • 5 Adsense tips to generate more revenue from your website

    By admin | May 14, 2008

    I have put together 5 tips which will help you to generate more revenue from your website

    1. Blend your ads with the background

    Yes it is not necessary but if you do so you are going to generate additional revenue from your website

    have a look at this website for example


    See how nicely he has blended ads with anime links

    Your site can look weird but do you want money or care for design

    2. Filter spam website’s

    Some parked domain’s uses adwords with cpc as less 0.01 $

    Well it is not so easy to find cause google keep on updating ads

    first install google preview tool from here

    now start IE and go to your website where ads are placed

    right click any where and select GOOGLE ADSENSE PREVIEW TOOL

    Now it will show the ads that are randomly displayed on the site

    Select the site which are completely new to you and you think that they

    are spamming or not on your website

    For mine site i have selected the sites which are new to me

    Now select show ads url

    Now select each url and check is the website a parked domain

    examples of parked site’s


    if you found even one of those advertising on your site go to


    and those url’s there and those silly ads will not show up on your site now

    3. Using adsense channel

    First of all what are channels ?

    From google help i have founded out some lines that will help you to

    understand what channels
    Channels offer a deeper level of analysis than that provided by overall revenue reports. They allow you to break down reporting to monitor the performance of sites, sections of sites, or even individual ad units. Any time a channel is created, AdSense will record impressions, CTR, CPM, and earnings statistics for that specific page or ad unit.

    Sometimes you put ads on places where the visitors can’t see or they just ignore or places that doesn’t show ads relevant to the post of the website so they are not intrested in that advertisement.

    So always use channel to track performance of your ad block.

    If by chance you are not receiving any click from that ad block just remove
    that and place at a releavent place in front of your visitors eyes.

    4. Starting a blog post with a ads on left or right side.

    Every site has a blog these days and many people visit it also to view site news

    here is a way bloggers have found how to generate more revenue from there website

    This method works 90% for every blog according to your site

    5. Follow Google policies and read there optimization tips

    Yup it is right you must read the whole text file of google policies there are

    many important points which a webmaster does not read and get banned from google adsense they also does not care and put there ads on warez or
    adult site’s or site giving away illegal free stuff

    Link to google adsense policies https://google.com/adsense/policies

    And at last there are several tips by google itself

    these are not tips but they give you all the examples of adsense


    making your hell life easier

    have a look here TIPS

    Ok this finishes of with my tips have a great journey with adsense and and

    and if you start earning more, then don’t forget our site always bookmark our link for these good tutorials

    And don’t forget to post a comment here


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