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  • Sending a mail from your script

    By admin | December 13, 2007

    Many a times you want to send a mail to someone through your website you can easily do that by the php inbuilt function mail



    To: == The person email you are sending the mail to

    Subject: == The subject of the email

    Message: == The main email message can consist of the new line character ( \n ) tab character ( \t ) etc

    Parameters: == Optional parameters

    Creating the script to send a mail:

    $to = “someone@someone.com”;

    $subject = “Checking Mail Function”;

    $message = “This is the body of the email.”;

    $from = “something@something.com”;

    $headers = “From: $from”;


    echo “Mail Sent.”;

    Now this script every time when it will run it will send a mail to the email someone@someone.com

    You can add user input to it by using if , isset functions

    Hint: isset is a function which checks that a form field is filled or not used in db functions also



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