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  • Using Conditional Statements

    By admin | November 3, 2007

    In JavaScript we have the following conditional statements:

    In this session we will only use the if , else if , else


    if (i>10){
    document.write("i is more than 10")
    else if (i=0)
    document.write("i is equal to 0")
    else {
    document.write("i is lol")

    In the above code first we declare a variable named ( i )

    Then we check with the if statement that is i is greater then 10 if the statement is true

    The browser will print

    i is more than 10

    If the statement is not true it goes to the else if

    and the condition in the else if is checked and if it is true it will print

    i is equal to 0

    Now when if and else if both are false then the else statement gets executed and prints

    i is lol



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